At Killaloe veterinary clinic, we understand how important your livestock and animals mean to you. We are proud to have supported the rich farming heritage of this area for over the years. Our team of vets are available for both routine and emergency services 24/7, 365 days of the year.

We understand how the dynamic of farming is constantly changing. Our vets are constantly upskilling to allow us to provide the most up to date services required by a changing agricultural industry.

Also part of XLVets Ireland, an organisation of private veterinary practices that strive to provide clinical excellence, we continue to develop through collaboration with likeminded veterinarians. Our motto of a healthy herd is a productive herd you can rest assured you are in safe hands with Killaloe Veterinary Clinic.

Farm Animals- Services
Out of hours and Emergency services

Out of hours and Emergency services

At Killaloe Veterinary Clinic we understand that animals don’t work 9-5 therefore we are at the end of the telephone 24/7 for calving’s, sections and acutely sick or injured animals.

In the event of an emergency, day or night call 061- 374104 and you will be directed to the vet on call.

Ambulatory services

Ambulatory services by our dedicated vets to cover everything from neonatal calf care, milk fever, grass tetany, pneumonia and surgical interventions.

Ambulatory services
Farm Animals- Services

General services

We provide a wide range of routine herd services including high welfare knockdown disbudding, hoof care, castration, vaccination and dosing.

We also use the most modern ultrasound machines for all aspects of bovine scanning including pre breeding, problem cows and pregnancy diagnosis.

Herd health services

Herd health focuses much more on preventative medicine techniques. By examining current herd performance, identifying shortfalls or risk points, implementing changes and reporting results, we can maintain a healthier happier herd or flock and greater profits for producers. Tadhg is a certificate holder in Dairy herd health from UCD. Particular focus areas include

  • Mastitis investigation and controls
  • Fertility performance management
  • Lameness auditing and control
  • Calf health planning for beef and dairy herd
  • Weaning health planning
  • Transition cow management and nutrition
  • Beef performance and nutrition
  • Infectious disease monitoring and vaccination plans
Herd health services
Diagnostic services

Diagnostic services

We provide a wide range of diagnostic services both in house and with external laboratories to allow more efficient and targeted treatments. This is growing more important in the trying to delay the development of antimicrobial resistance.

  • Mastitis culture and sensitivity
  • Animal and feed mineral analysis
  • Parasitology
  • Calf immunity testing
  • Infectious disease testing by blood, milk and swabs.
  • Post mortem analysis
  • Abortion investigation